Its been a while….

Hello there, yes, its been a while since last time I updated this blog.


I tell you this, I’m a last year student on my university and like all other blessed senior students out there, I had to work on my final project and examination which took months! Its hard to meet my advisor since she leave outside of town, and after she approve my work I had to take the final exam and thesis screening.

Not to mention that I got typhus, wasted my precious one week just to recover. (」゜ロ゜)」

The process is not over yet, due to new regulation I have to make up a journal before I can graduate… meanwhile I ought to do it really soon—hell, me dun wan to pay this semester tuition.

Back to the blog business, I can say that there are so many things to be reviewed. I wish I could finish soon so I can get spare time to review tons of products.

Ah, last, for all Indonesian, I planned to have my online shop soon also. No, I’m not selling cosmetics but more to fashion. Clothes, dress you name it. But twitter suspended my account, they caught me handling multiple accounts at once. WHY CANT I? It doesn’t mean I’m going to spam or whatever it is….  (¬_¬)

I will update my blog again, hope my twitter account already back at that time. See you on the next post! ≖‿≖


Olay Rich All in One Fairness Day Cream SPF24

Helllo all, now I’ll review Olay’s cream which I used for about two weeks now. (*ノ・ω・)

I chose this cream since my skin had a breakout. My aunt gave me a set of daily treatment cream and toner she sells. She promises that it will make my skin as delicate as baby skin. It sure was nice, but slowly… it dries my skin, a lot. (-_-) My skin felt really tight like it was pulled from all direction, and very very dry feeling! And my very outer skin layer cracked. Ew. (⇀‸↼‶)

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[Fiction] Kulminasi

Just decided to upload my old fic here. Its in Indonesia, sorry. ^^;


She knows she’s just being so plain stupid,

—yet she can’t help it.

Sudah berapa lama? Seminggu? Sebulan. Tepatnya 15 hari lebih tujuh jam dan 26 menit sejak terakhir kali suara sang pemuda terdengar berbisik merdu di telinganya, dari daratan timur tempat matahari terbit ke kota dimana kabut selalu turun seolah dipanggil tiap paginya—menyelimuti The Big Apple. Perantara mereka hanya teknologi pindai suara tanpa kabel, surat elektronik, pesan singkat di telpon genggam. Dan walaupun semua itu tidak cukup membuat sang gadis untuk tak membenci, merutuki jarak puluhan ribu mil dan lebih dari delapan jam perjalanan via udara. Ia tetap, tetap, tetap, melakukannya, menggadaikan hatinya di ujung telpon.

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Dariya Palty Honey Brown Review

Hello, now I will review Dariya Palty Hair Color just like I promised. (・∀・)

Dariya Palty is a hair dye made by Japan Brand. Pretty well known for those who likes gyaru styles and japanese brand because Dariya Palty applicantor is easy to use and the beautiful color it produces in soft brown/blonde variation.

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