Review: Geo Soft Lens Mimi Almond

Another review is up! ♪ ♪ ~ d (⌒ ⌒ O) b ♪ ~ ♪

This time I’ll review a soft lens brand from Korea, Geo Lens Princess Mimi series in cute almond shade.  its pretty famous for quite some time. And the series I chose feature Japanese cute model, Tsubasa Masuwaka.

I chose the color since I fond of brown natural shade for my eyes. Its not the first time I wear a lens, my first brown lens is ruined because I torned it with my nails. lol. The truth is my eyes are cylindrical, too bad that cute cylindrical lenses are hard to obtain, not to mention that they usually cost 3x more expensive. (>д<)

The soft lens diameter is not too big, 14.5 mm is just the right width. It promises a bigger look to eyes. So let’s check it out. Below is my bare eyes before using the lens.

Uglyy faaace. Hha. I’m wearing light make up without mascara. You can see that my eyes color are already brownish, a dark one. Now I’ll wear the lens in my right eye.

Hmm, definitely looks bigger than the left eye. ( O o)

Ok, now use on both eyes.

Oooh, it looks bigger. ( *  *) More, more pic!

It really makes my eyes looks bigger. Don’t you think so? And it doesn’t look artificial or anything, perfectly natural. I can imagine that I’ll use the soft lens for everyday occasion since they blend very well with my eyes.

I really recommend mimi lens almond for those who wants sweet natural looks. Really cute and pretty isn’t it? I bought this babe from online shop and I guess you can find it easily on the net.

For Indonesian, I bought the soft lens from  JapanKoreaShop via twitter. The owner helped me pick which one to buy. <— click here~ ( ^ ^ )


Rating:  ★★★★★ (perfect score!)

Repurchase: Yes!

I use Eternally Super Matte Lipstick I talked about before in my post.

That’s for today post. I’m eager to write about my trip to Solo-Jogja or Bandung, and some reviews on Etude lip tint and the Japanese false eyelashes but I think I’ll do it one by one. See you on the next update, thanks for reading. Please comment or ask if you have question. (。´∀`)ノ ❤ ❤ ❤


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