Dariya Palty Honey Brown Review

Hello, now I will review Dariya Palty Hair Color just like I promised. (・∀・)

Dariya Palty is a hair dye made by Japan Brand. Pretty well known for those who likes gyaru styles and japanese brand because Dariya Palty applicantor is easy to use and the beautiful color it produces in soft brown/blonde variation.

Dariya Palty Color

I bought Honey Brown. The top on the lwft. (。・ω・。)

Inside the pack you’ll have several tools for applying the hair dye. I do not have any picture of the applicator but I found one on the net.

Honey Brown – applicator.

The yellow one is camelia oil moisturizer (use it to finish your hair wash after). And even though the starting kit is written in Japanese, the instruction is clear enough fo even a chimpanzee to understand. (●´∀`●). You will also have a rubber glove, but I didn’t use it anyway since my mom (she had salon course when she was young) also helped me.

When you mix the ingredients, the color will change to greenish instead of brown. It made me surprised, lol. The instruction says to leave your hair for 30 minutes (or 45?) but I extended it to approximately 1 hour since I want the color to appear brighter. I will give pict for before and after using the product. (*^・ェ・)ノ

Sorry, I’m craving for ice cream atm. Hha. (*^▽^)

You can see that I have dark hair, its not raven black or jet black (or whtever it is) but its still pretty dark. I expect that Dariya Palty will give me a silky smooth light brown hair, so let’s see the results.

Apparently the sun shone so bright! lol

I’m pretty much happy with the finish. It sure gives you a smooth hair, not dry at all. Very effective to lighter your hair. But however, I should’ve chose a lighter color. So if you have a dark hair, pick the most lighter one to your liking. Applying the mixed dough over and over could also strengthen the effect, but be sure to apply it evenly.

Last, the seller said that one pack is just enough for a shoulder length hair. But its enough for my length. Buying just one pack should be fine. ❁´◡`❁)*✲゚*


Satisfaction: 4/5 (it could be higher if I chose the right color)

Buy again: Yes.

See you again in the next post!(*^-‘)/~☆Bye-Bye♪


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